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HS100M - Bidet Set
HS100M - Bidet Set
HS100M - Bidet Set
HS100M - Bidet Set

Tuscani Italy Pte Ltd

HS100M - Bidet Set

$38.00 $58.00

HS100M Set
DIY Range
- Free Delivery for Purchase above $90 in Singapore Only
- Delivery $18
- Installation $40
- Make Sure there is a Piping Point for Installation

Set includes:

- NB1 Brass Nozzle 

- Strong Pressure (Bidet Use)

Angle Valve

- 25mm Diameter - Able to Hold Strong Pressure 

- Made for Bidet Spray Use

- Single Angle Valve (Double Angle Valve Available TH-S6)

BH-3B Brass Bidet Holder 

- Comes with double drill holes, to Prevent Twisting & Crack

1.2m QDT - Shower & Bidet / HandSpray Hose

- Brass Nut on Both End

- High Quality HDIT Inner Hose

- Designed to withstand High Water Pressure, Suitable for Bidet Spray Use

- Can Hold Approximately 25 Bar

- 1 Year Warranty

- Tested in Setsco for Pressure Test - Test Report No: MM-43749/WC 

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